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Self Care Incentive Program

Why Should l Make Time For A Massage ?

Taking time for yourself, is taking care of yourself.  Taking care of yourself is a way of life.  Taking care of yourself is a way of thinking.  It means that you understand that you are a priority in your own life.  And when you take care of yourself as a priority in your own life, everyone else benefits in return.  When you take care of yourself, you're more confident, you enjoy life more, you improve your attitude, you have more energy, you are more productive, you like yourself more, you are healthier and you protect yourself against burnout.  Make the time.  It's your responsibility.

How Do I Participate in the Program?

Set up an appointment once a month for 10 consecutive months and receive HALF OFF (50% OFF) your next 60 minute massage.  And we can always use your discount to upgrade to another option on the service menu if you'd like as well.

What Is It?

A simple program designed to help you make the time to receive a massage once a month.