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Detox Body Cleanse Package

(Plan to book a week in advance, more information in )

M'Lis Detox Kit plus a 60 Minute Signature Massage to increase circulation helping improve the detox and cleanse process

- $153.00

Prenatal Massage

For the Mother To Be:  Pregnancy affects women emotionally and physically.  Massage will help to alleviate body tension, increase circulation, reduce fatigue/swelling in hands and lower legs, and improve skin elasticity to minimize stretch marks.  (Massage is not recommended for the first trimester.)

-  30 Minutes: $43.00  -  60 Minutes: $78.00  -  75 Minutes: $88.00  -  90 Minutes: $103.00

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is incorporated into our signature massage using slow, deep, focused,  pressure to help release areas with chronic muscle tension.

-  30 Minutes:  $48.00 -  60 Minutes: $83.00  -  75 Minutes: $93.00  -  90 Minutes: $108.00 

All services include hot towels and essential oils to enhance the benefits of your massage.

Signature Massage 

​A combination of Swedish massage techniques are used to relax and comfort along a firm full body sports massage,  complete with stretching to increase range of motion, and fluid movements/pressure to release specific areas of muscle tension.  

-  30 Minutes: $43.00  -  60 Minutes: $78.00  -  75 Minutes: $88.00  -  90 Minutes: $103.00

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage uses basalt stones which retain heat and have a smooth surface, allowing for long slow strokes over muscles with ease.  This massage helps to achieve a restful, yet awakened state of mind and body.  If you struggle with insomnia, depression, stress, and anxiety, this would be a great treatment for you.

-  30 Minutes:  $53.00 -  60 Minutes: $88.00  -  75 Minutes: $98.00  -  90 Minutes: $113.00